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Assessoria Técnica de Cooperação Internacional

The International Cooperation Office (ICO) provides advisement and support in international relations to the Direction of the National Institute Of Infectious Diseases (NIID[1]), an unit of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz[2]), from the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Implemented in February 2008, ICO has been improving NIID’s international activities related to teaching, clinical research and technological development. In accordance to the guidelines priorities of the Global Health Center of Fiocruz, the ICO’s most relevant activities are:

   •  Formulate, implement and evaluate projects of international cooperation in the health field;

   •  Elaborate periodical international cooperation of NIID;

   •  Prospect partnerships in the international cooperation area;

   •  Advise the NIID Direction in the negotiations of conventions and technical agreements, related to international cooperation;

   •  Produce strategic studies in health diplomacy;

   •  Support NIID’s employees and students, in coordination with GHC, for matters of  international cooperations;


International Cooperation Office (ICO)

Contact: Tiago Nery

E-mail: tiago.nery@ini.fiocruz.br


* Updated on 18/08/2020


[1] Acronym in Portuguese

[2] Idem

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